Being IN LOVE with LOVE

To my dear friends out there in the world!

Once upon a time, eleven years ago, there was a place where thoughts and feelings were gathering around love, true love, unconditional love, the wisdom of love. That place was a forum where people from all over the world, of all religions, beliefs, color or race were trying to find the best ways to improve themselves in order to be better servants of God-Love-Beauty-Joy!

Once upon a time, there was love that kept all beings alive. In the meantime, we have machines that can keep us alive, but still, using such machines might be also a sign of love. Out of love people pay money to hospitals to keep their loved one alive. Yet, love is priceless.

I was writing in that forum of love, wisdom and joy that we should try finding the Free Love, that unattached love and yet all-comprising state of being out of which nothing would be treated as enemy or negative or could face any opposites at all. And of course, that should be found intimately, inside ourselves, first of all. Because love is a state of being.

“And, on our spiritual way, are we running from the duties/laws of the 3d-world, are we running from and out of the physical body, leaving unsolved issues, blocks which are only hidden for the moment? Are we postponing facing the reality of each of the bodies, physical, emotional, mental? How can we create the balance, to reunite all those? How can we BE the Higher Self on earth?
Which is the truth, where is the truth, which is the path to follow to reach the truth?”

Why do we have to search for love, or for a path at all? Why isn’t the one path of our life the path itself? The path of love.

Maybe because, as we all are sparks of the same Light, and deep in us reside the lust for reunion (to what in most cases we name God), we also need to gather, to interrelate, to make exchanges, giving something, taking something else, creating a composition according to the band of frequency we came to experience here and now, to expand and fulfill the needs of so many other different aspects of us (us = the creation). We are quite like the many tiny balls of iron spread on a sheet of paper. When the representative of the “Force and Law”, when the Magnet is placed under that sheet of paper, all pieces of iron are instantly attracted by/to the One Magnet, gathering together, close enough, creating the manifested form of the magnetic power.
Which is our magnet? What are all people looking for? Is it Love? I guess this might be the most frequently used noun on earth. Along with God or Mother or Father… who knows? Statistics maybe.

If we are too attached to our emotional body, as we think that this is the only connection with God, the image of free love becomes blurred. Being attached to emotions and feelings is also being under their power. If we are attached to the quest for that one person, the right one, to finding the real love, the love of our life, we strongly keep this ideal inside of our fist. How could it fly out, then? Instead of letting it go out, like a simple wish, carefully and wisely expressed, like a prayer, letting it fly until it reaches the answer, the one perfect answer, resonating to all we are and all we need, we keep being tensed and troubled and worried. This state of tension is not suitable for receiving any answer. The way we express our thoughts, mentally or verbally or other way, the shape of our thought, the vibration itself, its qualities, its power, all what  a thought is – all these will attract the right answer. No worries, but the awareness that everything comes into place in harmony and resonance. That is the perfection of all that is. We only need to be free of the desire to obtain, to get that answer immediately. We only need to pay attention to what comes towards us. Otherwise, we might, later on, realize that we already received the answer, somewhere in the past, but being busy to wait for it, just missed its arrival. We even didn’t have the chance to wave for it a welcome sign.

Answers like such are coming and going all the time. We are absent-minded, we forget that we’ve asked for something, that’s why, when that something has been delivered to us, we can’t recognize it anymore. Because we forgot! We forgot what we were looking for a while ago, we forgot the desires we have launched out there, in the ether of all possibilities.

We rarely have the chance to recognize the gift we are receiving. Even more rarely we are happy for this, cause it usually comes wrapped into the paper-sheet of making choices. The great illusion that wrapping paper is unfolding is choice. There is only one choice to be made: LOVE. This is what I have learned, remembered and what I’ve always known about my life here and now.

When I choose love, there is no re-action; there is only one action: the action of loving the love. No matter what expression it might take, choosing to believe that love is behind, inside, it is quite the essence of everything, is the shortest way to enlightenment, to remembering our first and only mission on earth: being love, bringing the spirit (love) into the lowest frequencies of matter, bringing the light of love in all that is.

For me, God is Love. That’s why I breathe in God and I breathe out Love, firmly standing into the White Light. Well, sometimes it shades a bit of light pink, or light green, or light golden, or light violet… The hardest thing is to stay so without seeing anything. That is the undifferentiated love. That’s why I love the sea, the sea of love, or the ocean of consciousness out of which little sparks arise into existence.

Enjoy the freedom of love in all its beauty, light, joy and harmony!

Get together in the name of LOVE, for LOVE, IN-LOVE!

Daniela Marin

I recently discovered this lady: Ellen Love Vaman!

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