The Eleventh Day of the Ninth Month

lacramioareToday is the 11 th of September!

What have we learned from the events of 9.11 in 2001? If we look around, if we look inside…

Humans not only forget, but they ignore! Yet, they hardly forgive!

I remember very well that afternoon, because it was afternoon for me and my country. When I reached home, turned on tv and the first thing I saw was a group of 3-4 persons, firing a gun up into the sky, happily singing and shouting. That instant something changed deep into myself. I had an unexpected reaction, completely unexpected. In other times I would have become very angry, furious, I would have thought such people should not exist. I presume that would have been a “normal” reaction in the past. Yet, nothing happened in a normal manner that day!

That very moment I was filled with a profound compassion. Sadness, too. A sadness filled with a different type of love. The only words that came into my silent mind were: “Oh, you, poor souls!” And I was only looking at the ones that were enjoying the tremendous tragedy in New York. I wished I could think something like ‘’I can’t believe it! ‘’ Or “This is not true!” For a moment I thought that could have been just a natural reaction to the shock. But in my mind I heard again: “Oh, you, poor souls!”…

Something gave up questioning my own reaction, normal or not, and pushed me to immediately starting praying for all the people that died over there, for the ones that were still alive but trapped under rubble, for the desperate relatives of those who had been killed or injured and even for the ones that were joyful. And, again, I felt I heard this voice in my head: Forgive them Father, for they do not Know what they are doing!

Forgive us all!…. What do we really Know? Exactly! We know what we are taught! We know what others think we need to know!

How can I be part of this? What is this world about? What am I doing here? …  Such questions rolled down in high speed, reminding me the times when I was little and I was trying to convince God that he made a mistake by sending me here. That moment I realized that all my previous moments of anger, of judgement attitude towards the bad ones or injustice, or hatred, towards lies or dishonesty, the moments when I was asking myself “how can this be possible?” were feeding the very same field. Resisting such reality was simply empowering it. Denying it or judging it, was giving it even more power. It sort of seemed I was no better than them if I was keep thinking and detaching myself from them. I was denying any resemblance, separating the good and the bad, not giving the bad any chance to learn from the good.

Then, my natural tendencies went trough an unexpected change. The need to protect by the means of delimitation  was revealed as a source of fundamental hatred among humans. They have been taught to hate one another in order to protect and to preserve… what? A belief system? A physical body? A dream?… The pleasing of God?… Cain and Abel story like the rest of stories became the poison of the human minds. Why would two people, of two different religions hate each other if they don’t even know each other, if never met with each other? How can they hate? Based on what? on other’s stories?…

Old stories have been replaced with media-news in our modern times.

No, I can’t say I changed completely since that day. I can’t say that I never thought the same old way again, but since then I was aware and I was realizing what exactly I was doing with my thinking. Little by little, being aware and attentive to such hidden repetitive patterns, presets of mind, and having the profound desire to change and became free of other’s stories and fantasies, I gradually changed myself, my life.

There are 13 years already since The Twins of New York vanished, but there are also 24 years since Romanian citizens thought they became free of fear, oppression, hunger…  there are also 69 years since two nuclear bombs were dropped and humankind learned what nuclear means… well, yesterday I read that an intercontinental nuclear missile there has been successfully tested… so what has humankind  learned from 9/11?…

Again, and again, forgetting, ignoring, sending away responsibility onto the shoulders of the elected or anointed people… what is the use? If we don’t change individually, if we don’t want to, if we don’t care to, no president, no king, no church and no any other organization will help, ever and for real!

To the sacrificed souls and bodies on the Eleventh Day of the Ninth Month in the year of 2001, a wave of love!

And a candle light! Shine, you, souls and bring the wisdom of light into the darkness of our body!


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