Master Dang, 7 years later

Master Dang, 7 years later


poza MD comemorare It is seven years today since the Spirit of Master Dang set itself free from its earthly physical body.

Seven years after a seventh year, seven months after the beginning of the seventh year.

Seven years ago we could not believe that he had ‘left’ us. We could not believe that such was his sorrow because the world would not change that he decided to leave. It took us a while to get used to the idea and many of us, his students, sought to keep gathering together, as if to make up for his absence. Even though we knew so well that there had been no death, no disappearance, even though we knew we had not lost what had already been given to us.

Many people on Earth met Master Dang, many had this encounter inscribed in their destiny, as Master Dang kept saying again and again, at almost each seminar. Each soul, no matter its vibrational frequency, no matter the extent to which it became aware of the value of this encounter, thus got connected and reconnected to the authentic spirit. This encounter opened a new chapter in that soul’s life on Earth and a new door on its path to Self realization. Whether they could understand this or not, the ones who experienced this encounter also experienced a change in who they were and received an additional chance, no matter the path they were to follow, no matter their destiny. Many were those who, not only did not take the chance to understand, acknowledge or become aware, but they also denied him, threw stones at him, and willingly overlooked the gift they were being offered. As the history of mankind keeps showing, those brave, spirited people who take on the task of dedicating their life to the good of the people, who make it their mission to awaken mankind are rarely acknowledged and loved. The mental nature of man, so accustomed to thinking in polar opposites of winning or losing, darkens and obscures one’s conscience, one’s soul, one’s true wisdom.

Master Dang would often mention Jesus and Virgin Mary, not solely because most of his students were rooted in the Christian faith – paradoxically, we might say, considering that Luong Minh Dang, the man, had been born in Vietnam, in a Buddhist family. The awakened mind, however, cannot harbor religion, dogma or division between people, between souls. No such barriers were possible in Master Dang’s mind. He did not even make a religion out of love, compassion and enlightenment, the principles, goals or purpose of his existence here, on Earth. So long as we can acknowledge our purpose, it is natural to follow the path to its fulfillment. And, as mentioned above, the purpose of his existence, as a Master, has been the awakening of man, the enlightenment of mankind. One path is the shortest and that is the path of Love, of Compassion, the path of relinquishing the ego, which is filled with the illusions of the context it sprang from. But these have also been the ‘principles’ bestowed upon us by great avatars such as Buddha, Jesus and many other authentic masters throughout the known history of mankind. This may be the reason why one of Master Dang’s disciples painted this canvas. This is how they perceived Master Dang, this is what Master Dang was to them. I do not know who the author of this work is, but I took a picture of it when I went to Australia, in August 2008, on the first anniversary of the Dang Spirit release from the body of the Vietnamese Luong Minh Dang. tabloul avatari

It is true, it may not have been easy to distinguish the wisdom in the Master’s words, which have been translated from Vietnamese into many languages, especially since his words were simple, so simple, in fact, that people and their intellect often tend to disregard them, deny them, pass them by. As the too simple often seems silly to us. The intellect needs the pretentious display of convoluted form and complicated expression to appear complex, grandiose, and hardly accessible. Hence the endless drama, the constant rush for endless intricacies, for special lighting, for (extra)ordinary nuances. Yet, the truth is always simple and the fewest words formulate it into a pearl of wisdom.

So, even though the truth may not have been easy to distinguish in the Master’s words, the Truth could be lived directly in the Master’s energy, the energy he attracted and made available to all his students, no matter where they were, whether they were in the same room with the Master’s body or in some other room, anyplace on the planet. Outside of traditional patterns of teachings about the Master’s aura, the field of information and frequencies accessed by a soul within a body, Master Dang always said that the aura some of his students could see was not his personal aura, the aura of Dang – the man, but it was proof of God’s Presence. He kept saying that man is limited and can achieve nothing without this energy of God and he also pointed out that spiritual entities are also limited in their work by the barriers of man’s freewill and physical constitution. “It is only man that can help another man!”, he repeated at every course, without necessarily explaining that ‘God works through people for people’. Those people who dedicate themselves to God, who become, by their own free will, instruments of Truth-Love-Peace-Beauty-Harmony, who relinquish the desires of the ego, raise themselves into the field of unconditional love, from where they can further rise to the highest of all Heavens. These people are enhanced and even their body may change, and it, actually, must change and wise up to be able to support and contain the highest frequencies of Love, of Truth, of Life.

Mixing humor and, at times, a slight irony, with seriousness, firmness, discipline, commitment and dedication, Dang-the man urged us to remember he was human, just like the rest of us, and repeated that to us oftentimes. Maybe he wished for us to love him, the man, not solely the Master. He would often tease by saying that, even though he knows that what we see when we look at him is this frail Vietnamese man, undersized and ugly, when he looks at himself in the mirror, every now and then, he tells himself he is handsome and tries to convince himself of it. The human, earthly nature of these words took by surprise many of the people who had their expectations about WHAT A MASTER SHOULD BE LIKE shaped by a particular type of information. I presume this must have also happened to Jesus, more so as He refused to preach to the ‘wise’ of the time, to intellectuals and to those overfed on dogmas and restrictive and esoteric opinions of His time. As Master Dang often mentioned Jesus’ teachings and often said that, if we had understood them and, most importantly, if we had followed them, we would have had no reason to be in that room and as he said that, maybe, who knows, it would have been the other way round, and we, the Christians, would be the ones on the Master’s stage, sitting in the Master’s chair, while he, a piteous Vietnamese, would have come to listen to us, to learn from us, many of his disciples were wondering why he was not mentioning Buddha just as often and, furthermore, they were wondering relentlessly, whose reincarnation Master Dang was. Well, he laughed, as he found these human interests amusing, and reminded us that it is only man that can help another man. And he reminded us that, considering that we are all people, what we can do for one another is pass through the illusion and reach the Truth. Once we come to that place we will no longer have such questions, therefore he did not intend to tell us anything, precisely so that we would reach that place where we will no longer need to ask him anything. In fact, he kept saying: “I don’t need disciples. I don’t want you to be my disciples. It doesn’t help me, nor does it help you. What I want is for you to be like me, I want there to be millions of Master Dangs on Earth so that mankind can pass to the following stage with minimal loss.” This stage, the Golden Age of humanity, when guns and locks are out of place, when people see the truth and nothing is hidden, when telepathy works naturally and there is no need for dictionaries and translators, and joy and harmony between all kingdoms, between all fields of frequency enlighten life throughout the world, should be near. Part of Master Dang’s purpose has been this opening and preparation for the 21st century, for the New Man and the New Earth, just as Alice Bailey said that this century will be a century of the masters, of the people awakened from illusions, of the people who have accessed the truth and love within their actual being, who have become truth and love, who have activated the frequencies of their inner master.

Humanity was constantly inclined to destroy, to hide, to deny or at least forge the truth, depending on the collective conscience level, and on how comfortable and cozy it was to be exempt from responsibility. This is also what happened to Jesus, whom not even those who followed him here and there could understand and could recognize, for as long as he was in his physical body. Only after he was no longer limited by a body, the Holy Ghost blessed and lifted the veil from the eyes of all, or at least some, of his disciples. He opened the energetic gates in both the physical bodies of the apostles, as well as in the planetary body. The 100% activation or opening of the main chakras in the human body, the great gift mankind received through Master Dang and through at least some of his students who received this capacity directly from Master Dang, can also be called ‘removal of the seven devils’ from the body of Mary Magdalene, the first and the only one to have seen the Savior’s body within the light of his Ghost.

In the small hall in Melbourne, from which Master Dang transmitted his teachings and energy throughout the world, he had placed on a wall, to his left, a tapestry. In 2008 this tapestry was placed differently and underneath it there were several special photographs that had been taken during seminars. fecioara maria si MD



In January 2007, seven months before leaving his body, Master Dang celebrated his birthday long in advance, at the end of a seminar, which was different seminar than the others. That is when Gyuri Pascu was invited to sing. Usually, Master Dang would sing at the end of the seminars, because he so loved singing. But at the seminar in November 2006, as well as in January 2007, Gyuri sang, too. This photograph was taken by an Italian student. The white ball of energy ‘covers’ the head of the Master who was, probably, listening carefully to Gyuri’s voice.

Gyuri_MD_big orb

What I present here, before you, is what I have lived. My experience is personal and bias, just as all human experiences are. But where many experiences converge truth happens. As we know, faith either heals us or limits us, and the Truth liberates us!

I thank Master Dang and the man Luong Minh Dang for what he has been and will never cease to be for me!

Love and gratitude,

Daniela Marin

Originally published in Romanian on on August, 12th, 2014.

Translated by Felicia Luca


Note added today, April 16th, 2018 by the author: Because I’ve noticed this article has been read so many times and it is still being read, I read it myself today and… I have noticed a critical error in translation. I don’t know why I haven’t noticed this until today, but this is it: it is not the “disciples” of Master Dang, but students. This is how he considered the persons that were participating in his seminars, and this is also how we consider ourselves! At least myself, I haven’t been and don’t think I will ever be someone’s “disciple”, not in the esoteric sense and most common perception of this word. Or I have been a disciple to all my ever-teachers ever! Teachers I met while being in school, high-school, college, friends, family or the ones I haven’t met in person but connected to their teachings through their books. And quite a few times, people I’ve met occasionally like beggars, homeless people, priests or monks that told me words of wisdom or by their mere presence facilitated a sudden understanding of who knows what subject which was important for me.

This was a school about life and love, freedom from suffering and ignorance, about how we can transform ourselves to be better, to be more compassionate and loving towards ourselves and all other beings, to study more about the nature of life, matter, universe… it was not a mystic thing though at that time science was still far from being able to prove the things that nowadays became so “common”. Now we read books and articles from many scientists about the fundamental structure of matter being the energy, not the mass of particles,  a universal energy which is still not the dark energy, that is still not measurable, due to the absence of such devices, it’s still not clear what it is but, yes, there is a unifying field of “something” that some are calling consciousness, others are calling information, intelligence… whatever. Now we can read about scientific studies regarding the influence of the human mind and intention over matter and the great impact of the electromagnetic field of the human heart. Master Dang was, actually, saying this, that in the future all these things he was talking about, in his own words, will become scientific studies and facts.  And all he did was to share what he could access out of this infinite pool of wisdom-life-love we are all swimming in.

Therefore, I will make this change to the text now! I’ve added this note for the ones that might receive the update information, or the ones that might return to re-read it.

Daniela Marin


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