Spiritual Academy

Spiritual Academy is a gathering place opened to everyone who sincerely wishes – from all their hearts, mind and body and soul – to be love, to share love, to breathe love so that OUR present reality truly and entirely becomes LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY!

We do have to gather, we have to join, to be in unity, remembering that we are all humans, recognizing our humanness in each and every human. I know there are millions of people thinking the same way. Spiritually oriented or not, people feel this need more and more these days. Our planet is also crying and asking us in her own ways to pay attention to the changes, and get together, to unite in one and only heart. The heart of humankind is beating slower or faster. It depends on each personal perspective, on the way we look and we consider it; but slower or faster, is less important. We definitely feel there is an ongoing pressure around the world. We feel that something is changing, fast! Our bodies have to adjust to new frequencies and all the climate changes. People have to realize there is no other way but joining hands, and minds, and souls in one voice. And this voice, the sound of humankind, has to be heard. This sound is a call for the only one authentic power, the power that holds everything that is: the power of LOVE!

Power and force, this is the fundamental substance of our reality: LOVE!

No matter what techniques or spiritual schools or paths you know and you are willing to share, you are welcome to share, for free and out of love. There is no other condition for admission in this Spiritual Academy but the authentic love and care for the entire humankind. Yet, we think there is only one technique we can all share, a natural and common one: BREATHING LOVE. IN AND OUT! Consciously breathing in love and consciously breathing out love. Our consciousness, awareness, our intention is calling in LOVE! Any call is answered.

Breathing is living. Breathing is our connection to all that is. What we breathe is not just air. We truly breathe LOVE, because LOVE is the essence of everything that is, including the essence of air.

This Academy is not an organization and it has no guru, no main teacher, no leader, no president, no board. LOVE ITSELF is our only guru, teacher, leader, president. And LOVE is what unites us all, no matter knowledge, information, paths or schools we followed.

You are welcome to breathe LOVE with us!

Let’s do it! And we will hear the most beautiful sound ever: the sound of one heart singing, the heart of humankind!

It is the time!

Daniela Maria Marin

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