Happy 8.3.2018!

One could say an 8 is the symbol for infinity but in a vertical display. Like the vertical axis connecting  heaven and earth… Why would we then assign it to women only, to the feminine principle, to the principle of mother? Would it be possible to have another meaning as well? Like, for example, the unity between feminine and masculine principles? After all, it is an 8 in the month of Mars – the god of war! The main representation of masculine principle… Oooppsss… this doesn’t sound too good. And for sure it is not true. Masculinity is not only about war, action, reaction, domination, opposition, possession… is it?

While 3 is a bit more than half of an 8, graphically speaking (in this calendar that measures time as the most important quality of human existence), in the northern hemisphere March represents rebirth, spring, the beginning of a new year (cycle). A numerologist might add that this year’s 8th of March is an 11+11 day! Good! Sounds fantastic if we consider 11 being a master number, an influence upon the process of being here, now, together, equally one, a one and a one, two alike vertical lines. So, it’s quite a special day! 🙂 Happy 8th of March to all women! To all humans! ❤

(not to mention the sum, which is 22! another master number… well, I leave this to the specialists! 😉 )

Maybe it is OUR MOTHER’S DAY!

May it be a day of peace and love and harmony for us all! And Joy, yes! The Joy of Life!





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