The winter of my spring #poem


‘How dare you disturb my peace,

my splendid silent shining white

splashing your insolent, disruptive colors?’

Outraged, The Winter shouted to The Spring.

‘Immediately will blow you out

and never dare show a sting

of your disgusting green!’

The Blizzard, her companion,

his trumpet sounded right away.

The snowflakes armies poured their icy arrows

on the little daffodils’ array.


I wished I could be Spring

to spread the tulip’s red against this white’s cold ring.

Encircling every bit of green

The Snow laughed hard and mean.

While petals cried, I took a knife and saved them from this scene.


As the rehearsal ended, costumes and masks undressed

the frailty of yellow my daffodils expressed.


That’s all I could find in me now, Lillian. That’s how this picture resonated in my mind… though I tried to select other picture as well. Sorry, but no sunny side this evening. Maybe tomorrow.

For dversepoets

©Daniela Marin,2018



10 comments on “The winter of my spring #poem”

  1. Oh I think you found the sunny side of the changing of seasons…personifying them in a battle between winter’s army, snow with icy arrows and spring trying so hard to shine through. LOVE this battle of the seasons….and it is sunny side up…because we know who ultimately wins 🙂 So glad you’ve joined us at dVerse! Here’s to seeing many more of your posts. ❤

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    1. Well… then I am happy you liked it! I couldn’t find myself fitting in the “sunny and happy side” . And actually, it is a true story I wrote about. Last week i wrote 2 little poems about the daffodils. You can also see the photos I took, sunny daffodils, and snowy daffodils. Thank you! ❤

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