Flashes from the flesh 3 #poem

Unfold your heart like petals on a peony.

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Unfold your heart like petals on a peony.

Lean on the white that won’t betray your vision

the sacred petals’ tear, a cry for every soul

birthed from the core

you can’t recall.


Unfold your sound, the cross of your tone

a seed of ash vibrating every bone

that carries memories of every rock

you might have loved and stepped upon.

Unfold, unfold, unlock.


©Daniela Marin,2019

April,2019 -work in progress




11 comments on “Flashes from the flesh 3 #poem”

    1. Tante grazie! Anche la tua poesia e bella e profondo!
      Thank you for your kind appreciation, for reading my poems. I do understand some Italian, written or even spoken, but haven’t learned it so I had to switch to English. Mi scusi, prego!

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