Part of the story behind a poem


I knew very, very little about Māori people or their spiritual culture until two years ago, when miracle after miracle after miracle flied me to New Zeeland. At that time, I was not sure if I was gonna make it, if I was going to arrive there and also return back home alive. I even prepared things for such a case and left notes and talked to the few people that could take care of things. Yet, God, Universe, Heaven, Universal Spirit took care of “the everything” I was not able even to hope for. Such chain of miracles happens when something truly has to happen. And I got used to obey to such “tasks” many years ago. Everything was showing that I had to get there, to be there at that time. I did almost nothing for this trip to happen, but to obey, no matter the risks.  

At the beginning, I thought it was related to my recovery, my health. It did help me a bit in this respect as well. But other, more important things were hovering above me, invisible feathers fluttering above my ignorant mind.

It is true that since I was very young I felt an incredible attraction for this ocean, in particular, but not that type of attraction that pushes you to learn about its subject. It was just a feeling and probably sort of a hidden fear of  knowing about it, like if I knew, nothing could have remained the same.

I didn’t have the chance to reach Cape Reinga, but when I heard about it, maybe a week after my arrival, chills spread along my ill body, tears jumped down from my dried eyes and in that instant I knew, I understood at least one of the reasons I had to be there. Māori legend says that this place is where creation of life spirits gather to mark the ending of life, where a person’s spirit comes after death and descent on the water before continuing their journey to Hawaiki, the spiritual home. Even if I haven’t stepped on that sacred place, but many extraordinary experiences filled me with still-to-be-recognized blessings. The following poem recalls one of the most important to me experiences.  

The last of your earthly wishes

Where the signs from the sky undulate the water

(Reflections of infinite dreams)

where waters keep hidden the first touch of the earth

(alpha and omega in pairs of the flesh)

where the earth holds fire in every single stone

(volcanic feelings- unlearned for common hearts)

unravelling the greens of magic in this world

(in rainbows of conception- oaths of the given spark),

there you sent me to bare the last of your wishes

(to the end of the life, to the gate of the souls)

into a south of beginnings lent to the ends

(a door to the spirit and key to unlock)

the ocean of peace, a Pacific of hope

(the wonder of the world you dreamt of touching with your voice).

Into this ocean I gathered the light that shines beyond this world.  

Piha – Auckland, New Zeeland, Tasman Sea

My gratitude goes to the special friends that took care of me while being there, to the ones that helped so that I could be in New Zeeland, along with my absolute gratitude to the Infinite Spirit.

Whangamata, New Zeeland, Pacific Ocean – meeting Tangaroa

7 comments on “Part of the story behind a poem”

  1. Daniela, this poem touched my heart ❤️. To know you were so touched by New Zealand, by Maori beliefs of Cape Reinga…. that you felt it… all those things. The connectedness, whanuangatanga, to the land, the people, the spirituality.

    This is so beautiful.

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    1. ❤ I also took a class. And back then I intended to write a book about Maori spirituality. I was too broken at that time, though. Who knows, maybe someday I will write such a book. If it's needed and supported… Everything has its purpose and its perfect time to exist, Thank you!

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