Sit or kneel down if you wish #poem

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But listen-
(The sound of movement, the pitch of highest wave)
The frail sound of truth
The noisiness of lies
Sit in the silence of your soul then ask
(In voiceless love, in nightly space)
For suns to shine and moons to glow 
(Into the human mirrors of thyself)
Into the light you are.

Then see
The broken minds, the poisoned hearts
(In lacerating fights for light)
In blinded quest for the meaning of their life  
(Into the darkness of your age)
The scattered truth, the bits of love
magnetically glued 
the pictures of a war
desired more 
than your peace.

Now feel the Earth under your knees
(The lively dirt, the worms beneath)
Its boiling heart
Its trembling limbs
(Its humans deep asleep in nightmares not conceived) 
Lay down your chest onto the ground
And feel our pain
Illuminate the truth and gently heal our minds
Before it’s much too late.
Please, sit or kneel down if you wish, 
But do it now!

©Daniela Marin, 2022

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