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Eminescu – national poet

Born on January 15, 1850, Mihai Eminescu was not only a poet, but novelist and journalist and, in my view, a philosopher as well. Regarded as the most famous Romanian poet and the first modern poet in Romanian literature, Eminescu lived his short life (he died in 1889) with great passion, always searching for the

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Time for an extraordinary movie – Parasite by Bong Joon-Ho

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then go! It’s FABULOUS, GENIUS, a splendid cinematographic metaphor, rooted and exposed on a very realistic tray. BRILLIANT SCRIPT! BRILLIANT! Twists and turns and so totally unexpected twists… and again and again… till the very end! Forget the genre labels. It’s all included. I am not going to

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In ‘Artist-Beautiful People’: Alice Phoebe Lou, again

From time to time I check my youtube list of artists. This wasn’t meant for this evening. In fact, I intended to search for Scriabin, concerto op.20, but I saw this recommendation first and, of course, I couldn’t miss it. It’s been more than one year since I’ve discovered her. ( And I’m still impressed. Enjoy!

Nichita Stãnescu – poet #poetry

Sentimental story Then we met more often. I stood at one side of the hour, you at the other, like two handles of an amphora. Only the words flew between us, back and forth. You could almost see their swirling, and suddenly, I would lower a knee, and touch my elbow to the ground to

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Today we celebrate The Piano, this fabulous instrument capable of sounding so many voices at the same time! Happy Piano Day! I could make a longer list, to include more composers and piano players… but I’m almost hearing a voice desperately whispering: “more???” 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy it. If not all the classical music, then

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