Category: Flashes from the flesh

Surreal flash #poem

Impeccable silk walking through  the carbon cars aligned in static red at traffic lights, Chekhovian silhouette veiled in a cream-colored-blouse, a seagull’s flight over the cities’ web of wires and withered flowers offered for a coin. A surreal flash dove through my trembled flesh. How could I know you hid under her furrowed skin the

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Flashes from the flesh – 4 #poem

nothing is left but dancing with the willow tree beneath the wings of nightingales the space of tales for butterflies; a breeze I crave to be.   becoming one one with the air an unexpected dissolution of my flesh its holes, the empty space in every atom of my body the I am, the being

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Thoughtless #poem

A twisted careless thought curled back into the middle of my mind. An accidental consequence of someone else’s solid truth, a radiant silent reply, a whirling wind, the dust of scattered memories brought up. I wish I could have held it – a kite I’d never flown. I wish I could have kept it out

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