Loose ends #poem

through the middle of your heart
                                                               (bound to the stone of oblivion)

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Liquid dreams #poem

My liquid dreams kept gliding on your solid chest into the abyss of the mind chaotically questing for the sliding door that could unlock the closed house of your heart.   I couldn’t see the veils on my own eyes though heavy, stony tears tried to smash the smoky shapes of mind. My eyes were shattered […]

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Message in the light #poem

Golden words, shreds of the undivided mind upon the blue-white pictured sky, a silhouette, drawn through the clouds, a shout designed – in vibrant lines upon the silence of my mind.   Knew not the sunset’s sounds I could’ve seen over the top of older trees, over the surface of my sea, Knew not the […]

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The fig tree #poem

Five fingers grew. The fig tree knew

his magic green into the blue would match

the greatness of his roots, would bring

the goodness to his fruits.

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