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aRound #poem – published on Free Verse Revolution

Rasping blades, the cruel savage wields without a word in a world of fearless anger. Birds still sing and fly and nest. Thank you, Free Verse Revolution! You can read the poem here: https://freeverserevolution.wordpress.com/2019/11/01/around-daniela-marin/ Featured image from Pixabay

From Free Verse Revolution – The last of your wishes#poem

Thank you Free Verse Revolution for publishing my poem The last of your wishes today! You can read it here: https://freeverserevolution.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/the-last-of-your-wishes-daniela-marin/ An unexpected joy for me today, the day when my dear aunt was born so many years ago, and I was thinking of her so many times during the day, sending out there, into

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My poem published on Free Verse Revolution

” FREE VERSE REVOLUTION is self revolution through poetry and short prose. ” I loved this first line in the About section of this magazine. That’s why I dared to send my poems to them. This month’s theme was melancholy. And here is my poem: Thinking out loud I still don’t know why blue turns

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