Tag: insulation

Insulation 3 #poem

A misty gap between the chambers of your heart (A left upside the righteous sigh, a right down to the left behind) clenched atoms blurring your vision (the matter of your sounding mind on steps displaced from time)  of walking mirrors passing by your rusty veins of life. Awaiting for the blade to glide on

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Insulation 2 #poem

Should I be tasting your inner feast or rainy waves of green and blue, (Buried alive, sunk in my eyes, still fighting, yes, against the brute), should I prefer effervescence to heavy liquids of abyss (the flame inside the stony  heart your endless thoughts dismiss)  when the silenced mirror breaks in outward light (your margins

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Insulation – 1 #poem

Brayed rails your mirrors glide in vain (a synchronicity of pains) eluding wheels of stories about love (your mirrors blindly walk on rusty trails) an always picture of your life (your mirrors decompose)  innumerable paints exposed (on every silently-walked step) on cobblestones (the ancient rocks beneath your soles), the pavement ‘s insulated clock (the clock

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