Salvador Sobral


I’m not an Eurovision fan but I might have watched this song contest about 15 times or so. Last year was one of these times. Listening Salvador Sobral’s voice, listening to that absolutely divine song, it was like lighting a sun inside a completely dark cave.  I simply couldn’t believe such a song managed to get through to Eurovision, I couldn’t believe the beauty of such a pearl was allowed to be exposed in this modern kaleidoscope of a contest. Salvador’s absolute honesty while singing this song seemed to have come down upon me from another realm. I remember I posted a link with the song on fb, after the semi-final  and added a comment that might have sounded like this: This is the only song! Yet, I doubt it will win the competition. Such a pearl is rare, such a voice, truly divine. It’s coming from a true heart.“ But actually,  I had no real hope to see the truth, the right thing done, maybe because my personal condition and state of mind were lacking hope, trust, faith. The ray of light, the straw through I could breathe again that beauty, of music, of life, the shinning sun I could see again in front of me, evaporating any dark tunnel…  the faith that the world could be beautiful again… that there was still a purpose…  I felt so grateful for being allowed to see such an “exception” was still possible and even more, widely loved. That was a moment when the world changed. That was a moment of rising up the human consciousness.  A unique moment!

I knew nothing about Salvador’s heart condition, I knew nothing else but what I directly experienced while listening  to the spirit in his heart, flying out through his voice into the world. And that was like a mass healing. That, to me, was the rebirth of hope. A miracle for humankind not just for myself.

Yet, I was still reluctant and could not really expect that the song would win. I had probably been subtly and unconsciously adding a different dimension and meaning to this. This is how we do, isn’t it? We connect our own perspective to the reality we perceive with our own senses. So, when the song won the competition, my mind was flooded in a joy that no words could describe for real. The true species of  humankind won! The beauty, the truth, the love, the peace, the harmony, the spirit… the future – they won too!

I have not only prayed for this young beautiful human being to get healed, but for this “example” to multiply, to see it sharing this “normality” around the globe. Because whatever happened while this song was written by Luisa Sobral, whatever divine influence impregnated the notes, they could have lost their angelic nature through the vocal chords of a person living in falsity, far away from the true human beauty.

I’ve searched youtube and discovered many other beautiful songs  Salvador Sobral sang through the years, but I also found the story about how his passion and purpose fed him, about his tremendous power in maintaining his belief, in living his dream no matter the rough conditions in the world around.

Since then, I followed and watched almost every news from his youtube channel, even if I could understand very little when it was Portuguese spoken, but these news were like a new, fresh and healing breath to me.

I knew some of the poems of Fernando Pessoa, but the experience of receiving them through music, through the high vibration of a human voice changed the universe of the words. I think it is music that can change the destructive power contained in our words, altogether with its opposite quality, of course. Yet, it is not just music. Without the love living in a human being, even sounds and music can destroy… like everything else belonging to this electromagnetic world.

And yesterday I received the news about his first new single after the surgical intervention! I usually don’t make comments, it is rare to do such a thing. The “thing” should either raise enthusiasm in myself, or the feeling  of “must do it” for reasons which are often beyond my common understanding. But, indeed, while listening this new song, the idea of learning Portuguese came into my mind. It is the first time when I want to learn another language since… childhood, since falling in love with English, since so many years ago. 🙂

The pianist and composer of this song and not only, Júlio Resende is not only a great musician, but a fine artist. The same is true for Luisa and Salvador. This quality, “artist”, is not a common feature among the ones that dedicate themselves to any of the arts’ forms of expression. And it is more than “talent” or “skill”. It is a blessing for the world.

May the world be filled with Artists! They can bring the highest frequencies of love and peace and harmony, of joy and of beauty. They can heal this world, they can raise the humankind’s heart and clean its mind. They are the engines of our spiritual progress. May the touch of the Artist restore the Beauty!


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  1. Voçe vai adorar o portugues, é uma idioma maravilhosa – You’ll love portuguese, its a wonderful language… beyond that, Salvador, souls like his are needed so much this days ! Bless his heart!

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