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We mourn behind the trails of evil’s deeds; we light the candles and we seek the truth, like knowing who did this, it would heal the scars.

We pray to know and not to heal. No healing needed, it’s the truth we need – of who and why would burn the youths alive.

We need the truth in order to forgive.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!”

The Romanian word colectiv means collective. This was the club’s name where the tragedy happened 4 years ago. The story is far more evil than it’s described on wikipedia. And, exactly like we still don’t know who killed our friends and relatives in December 1989, after 30 years, we might never learn the truth about Colectiv, either. I wonder if these souls are still watching this game even if we pray for them to rest in peace.

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