Weird miracle

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Even if they were well written, Dan Brown’s novels seemed to bring up trending subjects for no other purpose but financial success and fame. So it seemed to me that he was using people’s tendencies towards conspiracy, myth, unnatural forces and events, knowing that there was a certain and big enough audience ready to buy his books. This is what I believed until very recently, when I asked myself how come this “wonder”, this true miracle of unity is so suddenly possible, how come that more than half of the world is taking a firm stand against war when… when we know that this is exactly what other countries have been asking for in the past and never received such a response. Never.

I have to confess that I haven’t read this book, but a few months ago I watched the tv series, The Lost Symbol (2021). In episode 3, there is a striking scene, one that came to mind these days.

To me, that flock of birds is very much comparable with humankind’s mindset, with the way people are directed by this invisible baton to think and go in one direction or another until… until nothing.

(At least we haven’t heard about pandemic stuff for the past 8 days. It’s like it never happened. Putin managed what no other scientist did: he killed Covid. May it stay dead!)

This old memory of mine is playing games with me. Look what song came to my mind: Helpless, by Neil Young!!! What?… oh, yes, I can figure out why my mind connected the song with whatever is going on in there. The title itself, the silent conclusion, the refrain and Neil Young’s voice… what I felt while watching that movie, The Last Waltz… We were so happy for having the chance, to be allowed to watch it here, in a communist country, back in the 70s. Or 1980?… I can’t remember. I only know my sister, God rest her soul, told me about this movie. I don’t remember if we went together to the cinema or… Very selective is this memory of mine today. In which direction is it going to push me next?

Gee… now that I listened this song again and paid attention to its lyrics, I am truly amazed by my mind’s games! What other subtle and unthinkable connections is it going to bring up next?

I hope it will remind me that forgiveness, compassion and love is all we need to stay sane and swim through all of this.

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