To the readers of “My pregnant heart” #poem

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I admit, I was very surprised last night seeing the stats on this blog and the very many times this little poem has been read over the past week or so. What is happening? How come that you are reading this poem and not necessarily others (you know, I posted some other poems in English 😉 here). Is this one recommended somewhere? Did it win some competition I haven’t registered in? 🙂

Will you please ease my curiosity and reply in the comments below?

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you in advance for your illuminating answer!  ❤

Yours sincerely,


Updated today, September, 2nd

I discovered how can I get the total amount of views for a post published 4 years ago! So proud of my discovery :))) I still haven’t received any answer, but I guess I should wait. Or simply let it go! 🙂

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