Lately I am watching how life is showing me this symbol: The Trio! Would this be related to Trinity?… If perfection, beauty, majestic music are qualities I could attach to both trio and trinity, then, yes, it might remind me so.

First, almost a month ago, it was the Monte Piano Trio. Their concert at George Enescu Museum in Bucharest filled my heart with beauty, my spirit with great joy. The energy they shared was beautiful and empathetic.Their sound captured my heart. It is rare to me to feel this way when it’s about music. I can’t explain why, but it is not necessarily linked to a high standard virtuosity, but to the essence of music, the energy of music. The Sound has to be perfect. The flow, philosophy, feeling, love, joy, beauty, harmony… i don’t know, but definitely all together!

And this evening there was another trio: Hiromi – The Trio Project. Magical, outstanding musicians, but most of all, outstanding musical structure. Actually, very cinematographic. The multitude of movies comprised in this concert’s works was pretty surprising to me. Each musical paragraph was telling a story, expressing ideas, presenting characters and connections between them, showing feelings…Not even in classical music I haven’t seen such intense movements expressing so many pictures in one phrase. Though classical music is clearly there, embedded into this jazz music Hiromi is sharing with the world. Characters were so very much alive, with their moods, sometimes even with their thoughts and actions. This was not just brilliantly telling a story, with fabulous abilities on all three instruments. And it was not theater, but clearly a movie. Probably I feel this way because of the rhythm, its dynamics and the complex changes comprised in one work.The audience was breathless. We were so focused on not missing any note, not missing any nuance.

These fabulous musicians, Simon Phillips – drums, Anthony Jackson – bass and Hiromi – piano played diamond jazz… Yes, I think diamond would be the perfect quality attached to this music of Hiromi Uehara!

That piano Hiromi was playing seemed to be so many other instruments at the same time, different voices under her fingers! And her exceptional ability to combine channels, sometimes more than the usual two, left and right hand, were taking me inside a matrix of frequencies.

My words – which I managed to slowly find them back only 15 minutes after the concert ended – are so very poor. I only want to make this little note in my diary which can accept still poor words. Exceptional musicians is, again, a poor phrase. We should find new words for such beauties.

I am deeply grateful for this chance I have been given, to rise up into Hiromi’s music. And Firefly, the solo work she played the way she played this evening in Bucharest, with such finesse and inspiration, will stay with me forever.


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  1. Thank you,Daniela for such a beautiful description! It was in deed,like many different voices were diving into the LIGHT!Music seems to be the only universal way of telling LIGHT’s STORY so that every heart could understand it! Amazing performance!

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