It is not in the power of a president to divide a country into halves. It is not in the power of political parties to separate and organize masses of people, placing them in camps of their colors. It is not in the power of an election day to eradicate war, hunger, hate, discrimination. It is the system behind all these that has the power. The power over all.

The very system that taught people how and what to think, establishing social and moral rules for the past 5000 years (avoiding now to mention the rest of human history), the very system that gradually erased the ability to discern the truth, the basic right to think, learn, know, see, experience life from each of one’s consciousness. It is the biased human body and its basic instincts still ruling over the highest logic, even if the old rules on Hammurabi’s times (1792-50 B.C.E) should have been changed by now. Yet, we see the famous principle “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” being so alive, in so many and various forms in almost each human present now on Earth.

More and more sophisticated ways to induce a certain belief, a certain way of thinking, have been in place for the past two centuries. More and more information travels through our brains unable to sort and acquire, but the information that is already there, contained, the familiar information, the transgenerational knowledge.  But, anything is possible through repetition. This is how the receptors can be taught to accept any new info. Aren’t we fed up with repetition? Us, the people, we are feeding with power this system. We are its power.

It’s not just sad to see the great American people divided into two halves. No president will make the people great again, because the truth lies deep beyond the power of demagogy. Not any such speech becomes reality unless is made reality by the people, not by one person or one party. How naïve can we afford to be, still? And for how long?  Don’t worry, in the next few years we will see the humanoid AI taking care of us. And then… we won’t have to worry anymore.

We fail to see the real issues, we fail to take a step back so that we can have a larger view. We forgot to really use our own neural network.

 It is sad that people, all over the world, not just in U.S., renounced to search for the truth, the true truth. How many of us search to verify a piece of news? How many of us trust that we are something greater than our own thinking?

It is sad because this is not love. There is no sign of the love deep inside of us that everyone is hoping for. It is sad because all these are just a reflection of the fear for tomorrow, the need to secure an existence for which we have to pay so, so much. It is sad because people don’t learn from history and they do enjoy the comfort of repetition.

I’m sad. And I pray for truth and love, together, only together, otherwise the truth might just destroy half of the world.

   Division (I)

The waves of life divide

a still, unsounded thrive

(Humanity is bounded to)

while surfing through the peaks and chasms

innumerable worlds made up of words

(keep resonating through)

the fabric of the cords.

Into the word I look while diving into every nook

(Its power- still concealed)

into the mystic book of zeros and of ones

unbearable deep oceans

made up of nothing but emotions

(inside the words)

behind the inward light of all our worlds.

And still, the waves divide!

©Daniela Marin

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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