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An introduction

Prior to 1989, the communist regime in Romania wouldn’t recognize the existence of homeless people, not even if threatened with a war. There was no news about the number of children taken in orphanages nor the real situation of such places. After 1989, there were numerous documentaries, articles in foreign media showing the miserable condition

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With this song – Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Music is like life. It has to be lived. Music is love’s vibration for every heart to understand. To live without music is to not recognize the vibration that you are. The universe is God’s eternal song. Many times in life we encounter angels. But, unfortunately, rarely we do recognize them. Angels are winged spirits

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Each and every time

Poetry comes and takes possession of your mind, your words, your vision… sometimes of your whole life. She takes everything because she gives everything. She has her rights. This new book, still in the process of pre-printing, called Memories, went through many changes. Who knows, it might be a natural, like the natural change of

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