Tag: In search of Harmony

With this song – Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Music is like life. It has to be lived. Music is love’s vibration for every heart to understand. To live without music is to not recognize the vibration that you are. The universe is God’s eternal song. Many times in life we encounter angels. But, unfortunately, rarely we do recognize them. Angels are winged spirits

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In harmony with nature – Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Nature is perfect. Be natural! To be in harmony with nature is to be grateful to all the elements that you are made of. Thank the Earth for the body’s food and Heaven for the spiritual food. Light is born from the embrace of spirit and pain. The wise man enjoys pain like a flower

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Love is freedom – Ioan Gyuri Pascu

The heart is the storehouse of infinite love. The body is the one that wastes it. Do not search for love outside yourself, for you will only find the burning desert of deceptions and desires. Love is to endlessly “give”. Desire is to endlessly “demand”. Falling in love appears and disappears. Love is.Falling in love

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