Tag: Flashes from the flesh

I wonder why #poem

‘Sadness looks so beautiful on you!’ your voice had spoken, an alluring smile lifting your face. I didn’t know I wore a dress. I wondered why.  Maybe too vulgar is the laughter or the day, the happiness too rare, so large the holes of fabric, my striped skin they reveal, its cuts and scars well

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Surreal flash #poem

Impeccable silk walking through  the carbon cars aligned in static red at traffic lights, Chekhovian silhouette veiled in a cream-colored-blouse, a seagull’s flight over the cities’ web of wires and withered flowers offered for a coin. A surreal flash dove through my trembled flesh. How could I know you hid under her furrowed skin the

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Flashes from the flesh – 4 #poem

nothing is left but dancing with the willow tree beneath the wings of nightingales the space of tales for butterflies; a breeze I crave to be.   becoming one one with the air an unexpected dissolution of my flesh its holes, the empty space in every atom of my body the I am, the being

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