Merry Christmas!

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Christ-mas(s) became a time of celebration all over the world. Whatever religion, whatever cultural or ethnical roots, no matter what continent, this time of the year is dedicated to happiness, to love and care, to the joy of being Humans . People want to please their dear ones, want to surprise them with nice and desired presents, objects or services, rarely with something they would produce themselves, handmade or/and “brainmade”.  But when you make something with your heart, from your heart-mind-body as a present for someone, you also put in there a piece of your soul, part of the energy you are. Your true thoughts, your true feelings and your true vision is planted into the gift you are preparing for a dear one. That subtle energy remains embodied into the gift. Could be a song, a drawing, a poem, or even a letter. Doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t have to be a big, expansive object. But, if you give yourself into that object, if your heart is given too, that will be known,subtly perceived, that is the frequency of the joy the receiver of your gift will feel, will experience.

Christ is love, is joy, is beauty and harmony. Christ is the Light of Love. Is the recognition of our divine light origin. Christ is the primordial seed that Earth developed from. Christ is that feeling of infinite beauty of love, is the joy of being alive and celebrating aliveness through the divine songs-frequencies of our hearts’ feelings of love. Christ is compassion, is care. Christ is goodness and kindness. Christ is everywhere, in everyone. Christ is the spirit of love out of which everything became alive. Christ is that white eternal fire of creativity.

I do have friends out there in this world to whom I wish to send my message, to them but actually to all the people of this world I wish to send my love, my gratitude, I wish for all of us to live the Beauty, the Joy and  the Light of Christ. Merry Christmas my dears!

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