Tag: Beauty

The child that dreams

I will not write a poem. Unless the poem scribbles itself, I stubbornly stand for the prose unleashed from the uncried tears of a child, unborn yet ready to exist. A child who sees injustice, who fails to understand the lies unless a story’s on the stage, a different one than the reality of life.

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Is it? #poem

We close ourselves inside between our selves we’re locking up behind the mirrors the most beautiful flowers in the world we lock lest anyone should see our sensuous frailty, the red of our velvet deep inside, the fascinating sparkle of the black into the core cut through by one thought only so jealous, oh, from

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Between the wor(l)ds #poem

Between the wor(l)ds   A life between the worlds (my-world, I-world, your-world) between the shadows of the words (an ongoing process, the process of going on) in a quest for a reality of beauty and of joy (serenity of love, love of serenity) we found our pulse beaming that white and golden light (over all

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