Is there such a billionaire?

Well, I think there’s no more space for silence inside myself. It’s time to speak. Or to shout? Who knows how people would perceive me, how they are willing to become aware of their own perception style. It’s a new trend, didn’t you know?… Well, recently perception is trained. We learn how to positively perceive everything, we learn how to program our subtle inner processes under the majestic control of our repetitive thoughts-words, ignoring anything that could affect programming. Yet, the action of ignoring it is preceded by the action of becoming aware of that thing, situation, emotion that might endanger our happy, positive living. Once we become aware, we know it, and it is there for good. Our subconscious and holographic memory has been already imprinted – or lighted up – with that “unhappy pin”. To ignore means to stop feeding with energy, means that idea, thought, feeling will not grow more and eventually it might get so dry, so dead on the surface. But its seed is deeply down into the unconscious personal and environmental universe. A bad sector is going to be left on hard disk, anyways. Whatever is born, has a trace, leaves a permanent mark inside the manifested universe, in its energy. And it can be found.

That’s why things can’t be changed for real or for good if we just decide to ignore them. Digging deep down for the seed, takes lots of energy. And who is willing to spend life-time-energy on such metaphysical crap?… some might say.
Yet, I have another question today. Who is working so hard to imprint, impress, fill the collective air-mental plane with ideas, thought-forms bearing suicidal markers? Who wants to get rid of all great souls embodied in talented bodies this century? Who is this beast blowing its bad smelling breathe into the higher levels of human intelligence, into the higher levels of spiritual realms where not too many humans have access anyways? Who is projecting thought-forms and who is playing with sacred geometry sending out such almost chemical bombs into the ether? If not managing to get rid of the artists or free spirits along the planet, maybe, at least, another result can be achieved, like “It’s useless. Don’t bother to do anything anymore. People can’t change. Humankind is doomed. There’s no point in hoping that other people might join. Just accept this is the truth. Humans are bad. Really bad. They won’t change. Can’t change. Life sucks.“
I’ve just read about another great artist that committed suicide. Malik Bendjelloul, the director of ”Searching for Sugar Man” movie, 36 years old. But not only this (again) news, but so many other news from people facing lack of hope in their life, lack of purpose and joy. Of course, there are other people in good condition as well. Enjoying life, loving their soul, their body, their life. We have all kinds of people and situations, that’s why Earth seems to be the perfect spiritual academy. We can learn here all the ways.

But now, let’s see how this invisible, airy software is working. I guess all of us we are familiar with the air-transmitted viruses, aren’t we? Information-the virus- is there. It doesn’t need to do anything but to be. Some bodies can resonate with its frequency and become ill, others can’t.
There are people-brains around the world which are working to maintain the LOVE being connected to this planet. Why brains? Why human bodies? Well, almost human bodies. Usually these bodies are quite a bit changed. They are evolved. They are “spiritualized”. But in order to help or to spread something into the network of brains, into the collective mind, you have to be a human brain as well. To be a god in the heaven doesn’t help too much. Be a god on earth and then we will see! Only a human being can help a human being. That is the perfect resonance match.
If there are such people who are meditating, praying, projecting peace, harmony, love into the ether we are, and we are also contained in, definitely there are others doing something else. There are lots of people all around the globe working with graphic and sound symbols, letting them fly towards a certain person in order to help, and I am thinking now mostly of reiki practioners. There are others using other techniques, radiant energy or other such techniques, and all of them learned how to use symbols, learned what outcome can be achieved, learned that the invisible is much more than the visible. For such people it is crystal clear that all we are is (dust in the wind, I was almost ready to write) energy. Like the vast space inside the atom, isn’t it?… Those people learned how to use part of the infinite methods of working, benefiting from the infinite universal energy. There are priests doing magic things, as well as witchcraft masters, there are various religious symbols, rituals which are engaging the same universal energy. There is only air like and invisible energy, and yet, if our lungs wouldn’t breath it, the body’s life would not be possible.
Each of such symbols is connected to certain frequencies or domains of information, causing certain re-actions, they are able to cause an action or situation, even an emotion and a feeling. There are various groups practicing various forms of “magic” – the art of using information contained in all energy. There is no “around” or “inwards”, there is no “there” and “here”, there is nothing and anything into this same one ocean of consciousness. “Ocean” is figurative speech, though some might have experienced already this nothingness and everythingness resembling with a still ocean. Might seem dead, or unmoved, yet there is so much life and movement contained!…

If someone is projecting an idea, a thought, an intention, an emotion, whatever, he/she needs to know that thought-form is automatically resonant with something else due to its innate frequency. The frequency manifested right on birth of that thought-form, carried by a wave, an electrical impulse automatically associated to a magnetic field, enters into the resonance field. This is a field of duality, though. So, whoever tried to project and bring into manifestation a car, for example, might have been learned already that whatever can’t be imagined in perfect detail, cannot become physical. Whatever human brains can’t imagine, can’t exist. Bear this in mind: what cannot be imagined, it cannot exist! Actually, from a higher plane of creation, the ones able to reach that field would say, imagining is designing reality.
Even if a person hasn’t experienced war, but he or she can imagine a war – so, can be part of the invisible war projecting team – because there are so many movies, video games and so many books and pictures and so on. Whatever we have seen, perceived, left a blue-print in our brains. If we can imagine, then that can exist.

Why there is no peace around the globe? So many people think, and wholeheartedly wish to see humankind living in peace and harmony and yet, this is not happening. Well, coherence is another process, studied so much lately, and Institute of Heartmath is spending lots of time and money to learn about heart coherence. Well, not only hearts, cause we cannot detach heart from brain, or can we?… What is happening with the brain and its activity during a heart surgery, when the heart is removed from the body?… Just mentioning, don’t want to get into this subject, too vast for now.

Projecting feelings into other people’s hearts is already a science and important politicians are probably well trained. But not only them. Oratory art was known since Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Persian Empire and so on. I presume there are lots of information available now, connecting the power of the word with the power of the sound and the power of the gesture. But actually, if we learn that the true thought can skip the words – which are highly manipulated and manipulative – if we learn that the wave that carries out our intention, desire or feeling contains just the pure energy of a different type of thought, which is faster than the speed of light and actually is simultaneously and all ever and all over present, if we learn the truth behind any word, behind any meaning of words, the truth containing the real intention from the real spiritual level of any human being or any idea, could we stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated? At least a little? This is what dr. David R.Hawkins is so clearly explaining in all his books. Truth or falsehood? A choice we have to make deep down into ourselves, a choice that changes the entire script and matrix.

Creativity engages less ordinary parts of brain. Generally speaking inspiration is the one way of connecting with universal energy and information beyond the rules of the neural programming patterns or grids. Creativity may start from the known, familiar, ordinary, but gets out free into the free energy. It’s like an antenna that would suddenly rise its body out of the regulated frequencies, out of the frames in which it was originally confined to function.

Can we imagine all 7 billion people, or at least humans starting from the age of 4, holding hands or at least touching shoulders, having one light physical contact, standing still and truly wishing-asking for LOVE, at the same time, all over the earth, all people seeing the same symbol, or imagining it, let’s say a white dove, all chanting the same word or syllable, not connected to any religion, not favoring any other known belief system, beyond any system, let’s say the syllable “La”, simply creating a super chain of love and peace around the whole planet?… Can we imagine this? Can we imagine doing this? Can we imagine and can we help doing this?

Would presidents of countries, presidents of companies, presidents of political parties, presidents of churches, religions, all types of presidents join with all other people in this one, unique and majestic prayer? This might be a prayer able to switch everything, a chant able to change this whole reality of wars, famine, death and grief. It might also change the whole system based on hatred, envy, fear, discrimination and separation.

Is there a billionaire willing to really become immortal, to really leave the most important trace in humankind’s history? Would such a billionaire choose to initiate and invest his fortune into healing of humankind? Would a billionaire want to be known as the Savior of Humankind? Would he print 7 billions of little flags or simply use the needed media tools in order to organize such an event? If we are able to give this to ourselves, if we are able to bring this unity into manifestation, then we are able to transcend the entire illness of human life and earth.

Ok, I know, you might reply instantly that such an idea is just the most stupid idea because a billionaire became a billionaire because of or based on this very system. But that’s not true. A system is a kind of living being. It is subject to change as well as everything else that exists. I am sure there are many among the very rich people who are really humanitarian. It might be impossible to see all the presidents of the world, from all categories, standing still and chanting at the same time. Yes, this might be impossible, but I have the feeling that out there, somewhere, there is such a billionaire that would embrace the idea. Would this idea reach him/her? I don’t know. I just let it flow and fly. Someday, somehow, we will all realize that everything is possible because of LOVE and MUSIC!
Daniela Marin

5 thoughts on “Is there such a billionaire?

  1. I am a big fan of”messages in a bottle”.I am aware of the butterfly effect.I am ,constantly, sending songbirds to the world.But I still can’t stop asking why are so beautiful messages received by so few people? And why this people don’t share them more often? Even so called friends don’t share posts or blogs like yours? Why are we afraid of LOVE? Why are we so untrue? When I was a kid,I dreamed of finding a bottle whit a beautiful message in it.With your post I felt like I,finally, found one.
    Thank you so much!
    Gyuri Pascu


    1. Well, you know, there are so many different levels! 🙂 My articles are too long, I give too many details, explanations, open too many windows… Understanding, knowing, living LOVE is a lifetime(s) job.
      I thank YOU so much!


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