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Together in LOVE-LIFE – Împreună în IUBIRE-VIAŢĂ

Together in Love! April 2nd, 2022, 12 am Bucharest time and 9 am UTC. (10 am GMT)  Together in-for LOVE-LIFE, the very essence of being here, now. All of us. Beyond words, to all of the worlds, we gather together as ONE. One Source. One Being. Do you feel a spark of light and joy

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The waltz

If perfect triads twist our mind, reality is waltzing   (on earth as it is in heaven) while one plus two plus three is always six, a double three (the rhythm of our steps) in perfect harmony with our spirits (unfolding symphonies of senseless sounds) filling the gaps between the words (a seamless canvas paints).

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Between the wor(l)ds #poem

Between the wor(l)ds   A life between the worlds (my-world, I-world, your-world) between the shadows of the words (an ongoing process, the process of going on) in a quest for a reality of beauty and of joy (serenity of love, love of serenity) we found our pulse beaming that white and golden light (over all

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