Tag: truth

Take a moment

You are important because you are here, on Earth, now. You are part of them. They are part of you. Take a moment, an hour, a day and look deep down into yourself. Is there peace in there, is there love? Are you at peace with all the people in your life, with all the

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The loop

Confined, a part of infinite yet finite in a form, osmotic cosmos only our hearts would know while our limbs, our thoughts and feelings- designed by numbers, equations, laws of ancient pasts remain contingent  on the lowest light. What would it take to exit from the loop? Cutting the cord, renouncing a body pinned on the

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This Sunday

  This Sunday’s quietude clears the space The sky’s light burns every scam in mind (waiting for anything, in limbo states, desires, expectations, stupid plans, a chain of words that paves reality) A green-white-golden peace Fills the air that I breathe.   This Sunday’s spotless sky Reminds me of a mountain, The clear encompassing vision

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