Words-swords #poem


Words falling like the tear drops

hanging on the strings of hopes,

words you never knew before

falling deep into your core.


Would you take them in your heart?

Would you wrap them in some art

you are calling poetry

just to fight their bigotry?


Sounds that sound like loving waves

hidden in the mountain’s caves,

sounds that never made a word

but a hum into your cord.


Would you wrap your arms around?

Would you spread them on the ground

on the cross of life and death

just to feel their loving breath?


Would you take the words of fear

to the lord of love, the seer?

Would you ask him to erase

all these words into his grace?


Emanating waves of love

flying wings of the white dove

bring the peace into your mind.

Words are now of the same kind.


No more swords of brilliant minds

no more shining through the blinds

no more time for hatred’s night!

Let there be Eternal Light!


©Daniela Marin, 2018



knife og

Illustration by Jade Ene

24 comments on “Words-swords #poem”

    1. thank you, Frank! It has been an intriguing (at the beginning) task. But then, after I became accustomed to the rhythm and the waves of the seven syllables, everything fell into place 🙂 for me. I don’t know about what others feel or think, but to me it was ok! The Easter subject popped up right in the end. A stanza before and I had nothing like this in my mind! I enjoyed doing this homework, thank you!

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    1. I so very much thank you, Lynn! Your message means a lot to me! I’ve started writing in English last summer, it simply came this way, like a flow I couldn’t resist it. I was and I still am scared for what I am writing in this foreign language. If this is good or not… I write to you these things now to explain why I feel so grateful to you! ❤

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