Between the wor(l)ds – for a second time #poem



Last summer I started writing my thoughts in English. I don’t know why. Phrasing in English, whatever I was experiencing, was not a choice of the ego-mind. It simply came this way, it has been born this way. A cycle of poems entitled Parentheses (The Diary of Renovation) grew out while parentheses became a theme for a deeper reflection. An intriguing process of looking for the brackets in my life threw me into a sort of swinging between the full-of-stories walls of my house (which I was literally renovating at that time).

I posted this poem on my blog last summer. Later on I changed its status from public to private. For a second time, it’s back into the public mode. 🙂 I add now a kind of “description” of this cycle of poems:

 Parentheses illuminate a different world of feelings. We hardly feel at ease with all these brackets of our lives. Sometimes we simply skip the inner world parentheses comprise. While searching for the parent, the god, the purpose of it all, sometimes we lose ourselves among the theses.

Between the wor(l)ds ©Daniela Marin,2018

(Because I didn’t know how to edit the poem in here so that it can reflect the two poems included, I had to transform it into a picture.)


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