Thin, tingling air above my head and then, a silence like the final end. For just an instant. And then, the words exploded in my mind. And then, the puzzle of my life was finally complete. A truth that shone the Light while purpose was revealed. An understanding from the highest peak into the densest corners of the ground undressed me of all doubts for a time I could not measure. The Joy had filled in all the gaps.

Until… ‘But how can I do this? I am not trained or schooled for this, have no resources for such a task. And where do I start?’  ‘Have faith! You can!’ ‘Sure, I’ve been hearing these words since childhood! You can, you can do this, please, only you can do this… I’ve had enough, you know?’ That old feeling (hand in hand with the injustice or the sadness stirred up by the world) erased the incredible joy that renewed my being before. The few moments of undetectable time when “I” was “Us”, when the infinite field of possibilities unfolded itself inside the limited field of the human mind.

I now look back and see that, indeed, ‘I’ could. (For a while.) Not because I had faith in myself (because I could never understand this thing, I could never relate to or find its hidden drive), but because I had faith in god-absolute love-absolute beauty-absolute wisdom-absolute power. If something is meant to be, it will be. And ‘I’ am just an instrument for its fruition. The soul – a seed; the mind and heart – a stem. The flower is the blossoming of god.

Daffodils made it!

Their love facing snow’s blizzard

life’s purpose revealed.

The daffodils strength

Grateful for this miracle in which I could not believe when, three weeks ago, a heavy snow covered the little daffodils in my courtyard, I now wonder if faith is different than love. I thought I had lost faith, but now I know I drifted away from Love.

The Daffodils have proven the way!

©Daniela Marin,2018


8 comments on “Faith”

  1. The daffodil photos are extraordinary. The first one in particular. The flowers really do seem to be saying – look we made despite all this, you can too. The words in your post really back up this idea. It’s a very inspiring piece of writing.

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  2. That was a sweet story, and one so many have difficulty with.
    I never worry about the flowers, it’s not faith that brings them back. It’s life. I am reminded of this every time I see a weed or grass shoot rising from a crack in the concrete. You can not stop life.
    However faith is another subject altogether. There are hundreds of things I cannot do, yet until I put my best effort into it, I will never know for sure. So I live by the 20 minute rule. If after 20 minutes, I do not enjoy what I’m doing, I can try something else. If I literally suck at it, then I know I gave it my best effort, and I move on. I do not need faith for God, nor the Son, or the Spirit, as they are with me always…which is why we’re never alone.
    It’s the faith we bestow to our fellow man, that we tend to fudge a bit, offering encouragement instead of comfort. Enthusiasm instead of love.
    Many people here write in metaphors, as you use daffodils to parallel your life, as you should. Life is beautiful and life is wonderful. But the daffodils have such a short lifespan, why not use an oak tree? Or the ocean or the sands. They will live forever. Rock on young lady.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely response!
      I did write, masked under a rhetoric question “I wonder if faith is different than love. I thought I had lost faith, but now I know I drifted away from Love.” For nothing can be “outside” unless it does exist “inside”, but we have to have the eyes to see so, isn’t it? 😉
      And maybe the courage to reflect our inner deepest truths which then we might notice “outdoors”?…
      Daffodils are not The symbol I associate with life, but no matter their lifespan, they are also part of the whole life. If you ask me what would be the reflection of life for me, that I could find in nature, then the ocean or the sea would be the one symbol of the true life. I love the sea (sea is the closest to me as I live far enough from an ocean).
      After a long, maybe too long “winter” that darkened my skies for the past 18 months or so, I feel that the green and the yellow that I need are just a good sign for a coming back… no, for a new personal spring.
      Enthusiasm comes from a Greek word that means to be inspired or inhabited by the spirit of god. Or how I like to think ‘to be full of god’. Nothing else but god. But this god is not a religious figure, nor a dogmatic belief and I think I have explained this already… My first feeling and direct experience related to this god is Love. And I use capital letter just to avoid the many perspectives and leveled experiences humans associate with love. What we perceive with our senses is a limited, most of the times illusive movie projected by the mind. When the mind is beautiful, the movie is alike. Being prone to live the beauty of life is not enough unless you’ve learned to live the peace (and into the peace). And this peace reflects also the gift of unchanging love for all-that-is.
      Again, thank you for reading my post and for your inspiring comment.
      (And also for the compliment – “young”. 🙂 )

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  3. I enjoyed this perspective….” If something is meant to be, it will be. And ‘I’ am just an instrument for its fruition. The soul – a seed; the mind and heart – a stem. The flower is the blossoming of god.”

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