The Sanctuary – William Ricketts


I woke up this morning having a beautiful memory in my mind: William Ricketts’ superb sculpture from the Sanctuary he built on Mt. Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia to pay respect to the Aboriginal people.


The innocence and purity of these eyes melted my heart the moment I saw them, in a place not too far from the entrance. But it’s not just innocence in here. Sadness and joy, ignorance and wisdom, stillness and playfulness… everything and every possible state is melted into these eyes to remind us of the pure Love, of the Essence. This is how I felt, my subjective experience. That was my perception when I visited this extraordinary place, that was my perception when the awakened-morning-eyes of my mind brought back this memory into my awareness.

All the statues in the Sanctuary seem to have risen from the natural rocks and trees of the natural place. Their voice speaks in a soft, non-verbal language. Crying and smiling at the same time, experiencing the Presence that illuminates the mind and purifies the heart reaching the Truth hidden in front of our mind’s eyes, but ready to be seen with our heart’s eyes, aliveness, eternity… well, I cannot find other words now. I pause.

I paused from trying to find words. There was a time when I tried my best to find the right word, the perfect word to convey what was closest to the message’s real meaning. Ideas need to embody into a thought-form which later on becomes translated into words. Ideas float in and constitute the space of our mental constructs. But they can be expressed and understood in so many forms, from so many new angles. And so I come back to the one still point existing in the middle of everything. Like the center of a sphere, the one dot that has created the sphere out of its own radiance.

A heavy rain was falling while we were driving towards the Sanctuary. My friends were a bit upset for they wanted me to have the best experience. I looked to the cloudy skies and told them that I was sure the rain would stop when we arrived there. And so it did. A few minutes distance away from the place and we drove under a huge rainbow. And then I knew for sure.

A week ago or so, there was a prompt about Holy Places on dverse. I didn’t have time to write anything for this prompt, but now, while I’m remembering, I know The Sanctuary was a holy place for me. The holy places are the places where I feel /live/experience the Presence in a very physical form with no limitations of “in and out”, “inside and around”. It’s all that is! But would that be possible unless this body would contain the needed receptors to perceive this reality? Is that a separate reality or is it only our perception limited to separating things in order to … make sense for the mind?

William Rickett’s words say more than I could ever de-scribe:

 Ricketts words

Reverence for life

Embracing in love… all that we perceive is respecting, recognizing and reconnecting with all that is.



When we left the Sanctuary, it started raining again. A different blessing.

I was, am and will be grateful all my life to the people who took me to this holy place and to the ones who facilitated my presence there. This journey was another proof that when it needs to happen, it happens.



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