‘Your poem has been heard!’

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‘Your poem has been heard! Your wish, as well.’

(Aloft – “I wish I could have cried a rainbow in your palms”)


On Nov. 19th, an outburst of Northern Lights over Tromsø, Norway, painted the sky with all the colors of the rainbow. Aurora tour guide Marianne Bergli photographed the outburst.


It was very convenient for me to think that, indeed, it has been heard, that the friend that sent me the image above was right… On the 18th I wrote the poem. The next day… the sky displayed a pouring rainbow. I’ve never been in Norway, but I know that the person for whom I wrote that poem visited Norway this year. (Don’t think too much, it’s about a family member.) So… why not? It could be more than a coincidence. A poetical answer the ether sent back to me and a spiritual one as well.  Because, somehow, it is repeating:


A RAINBOW AT NIGHT: We’ve all seen rainbows–bands of color arcing across the sky after summer rainstorms. But how many of us have seen a rainbow at night? “I have,” says Chad Blakley of Lights Over Lapland. “We saw one just last night in Abisko, Sweden.”



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