Love is freedom – Ioan Gyuri Pascu


The heart is the storehouse of infinite love.
The body is the one that wastes it.
Do not search for love outside yourself, for you will only find the burning desert of deceptions and desires.

Love is to endlessly “give”. Desire is to endlessly “demand”.

Falling in love appears and disappears. Love is.
Falling in love is slavery. Love is freedom.

He who found love has got rid of desire.

Working with love you create love.
Working with desire you create desire.

The real alchemist is the one who transforms the heavy lead of desire and the quick silver of the mind into the gold of wisdom by passing them through the purifying fire of love.

In Search of Harmony – Ioan Gyuri Pascu

(translation from Romanian)

A song from the album “In the middle of my life” (2007)

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