In harmony with nature – Ioan Gyuri Pascu

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Nature is perfect. Be natural!

To be in harmony with nature is to be grateful to all the elements that you are made of. Thank the Earth for the body’s food and Heaven for the spiritual food.

Light is born from the embrace of spirit and pain.

The wise man enjoys pain like a flower enjoys the sun.
From the swamp of pain rises the lotus of knowledge.

The butterfly kissed the flower and now, wherever it rests, it gives birth to other flowers.

The wise body is inhabited by the light of divine love.
The ecstasy of an earthly embrace is only a moment of the ecstasy of divine embrace.

When you help, do it like a slave, not like a master. Generosity is a helping hand coming from unconditional love. Learn form the nature’s generosity and the rich man’s greed.

My mind and heart embraced and sing: peace, love, harmony.
My body remains… pf!

Love the air that you breathe and so you will hear Heaven’s love song. Learning to breathe you will learn to fly.

from “In the middle of my life” (2007)

Excerpts from the book In Search of Harmony (2005)

( translated from Romanian)

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