Untraceable #poem

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Black ink on pristine paper of the mind

(untraceable tattoos on your children’s lives)

stuffed boulders

(on their fragile shoulders)

stepping stones in loops of fate

(scars of your knowledge’s  thrashings)

wars for peace

(emerged from your innate cruelty,)

that never failed to smash every unruly slave

(though you say love is the cause – love of god, especially.)


Would you change, at least, the color?

Make it purple like the sunset

make it golden like the sun

its reflection on the waters will surely blind their sight.


No more dreams to plant on skies

no more roots out of your mind

no more branches growing down

no more shiny fruits to cull.

Teach them black and teach them white

teach them you’re the only knight.

Your legacy they’ll carry on- heirs of the monochrome.

©Daniela Marin,2019


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