The loop

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Confined, a part of infinite yet finite in a form,

osmotic cosmos only our hearts would know

while our limbs, our thoughts and feelings-

designed by numbers, equations, laws of ancient pasts

remain contingent  on the lowest light.

What would it take to exit from the loop?

Cutting the cord, renouncing a body pinned on the cross of time and space,

a disconnection from the grids or smashing tides,

the lows and highs- the visible contour of eight?

Acknowledging the chains in all creation bounded to a form,

the inscribed stories marked by sacrifice-

would that explode the margins of the life we strive to find?

What would it take to learn the truth?

January, 8th, 2020

Image from Pixabay

Featured image from Pixabay – Geralt

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