Dupa premiera Eternului Spectator

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NOI in secolul XXI

Coperta interior Caietul de sala!Paginile 1-4Paginile 2-315497_911752415526365_5487250382355971051_n Si citeva fotografii facute din sala1395281_911748752193398_6055526144709314685_n 1559604_10204686942160735_264181793761916793_n10849780_911753818859558_5220550640083927353_n10848836_749556825133008_6172173464004671812_o Dupa spectacol, ne-am petrecut la Mystic Tree! 10848836_749556831799674_4560729171357781774_o Surpriza cea mare a fost

Tortul NOI in secolul XXI! Exceptional tort! 10710229_749555715133119_3302378765380493188_o Pus la cale de Gyuri Pascu si Manuela Serban! 10710229_749555721799785_2765962938666421070_o10710229_749555718466452_7725714237030339622_o10403400_10204688526360339_6391216629764744748_n

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