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Stories from the Black Sea

Of course I wish I could have stayed more days. These were the most needed days in a long time. And no, it has nothing to do with the new virus. If it exists, it has a meaning, a purpose. Maybe there was a meaning behind the number 2 I had to bear with surprise.

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Liquid dreams #poem

My liquid dreams kept gliding on your solid chest into the abyss of the mind chaotically questing for the sliding door that could unlock the closed house of your heart.   I couldn’t see the veils on my own eyes though heavy, stony tears tried to smash the smoky shapes of mind. My eyes were shattered

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An exercise of the opposites

For  Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 31 March 2018  (Though it’s already Sunday 🙂 ) Our words this week are: – guest and host – liquid and solid And my exercise is: My liquid dreams poured on your solid ground. Soft tears kept falling on your hard polished heart until tiny pores opened the giant door

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