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A day for love

Valentine’s Day has an equivalent in Romania and it’s called Dragobete’s Day. It’s celebrated today, February 24th. Legend says that Dragobete was the very kind and loving son of a woman called Dochia. This old woman was in charge of the passage of winter towards spring. Some sources state that due to his special kindness,

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Satire I – Eminescu – English version by Corneliu M.Popescu

I was 13 when I first read this poem. Of course, it wasn’t the one I was supposed to read as homework. We were studying Eminescu’s poetry for some years, each year one or two poems, usually the ones that were either about nature or considered “patriotic” by the communist regime at that time. But

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Inside the bracket #poem

A silence reigns inside the bracket in my heart- (A hollow brimmed with diamond shades) a pause between the hammering old valves (weighing the scars that hope kept open) comparing times of past in painting future loves, (silence reverberates in chords untouched)   a quietness that reigns the meanings of a life. (inside the bracket

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