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A day for love

Valentine’s Day has an equivalent in Romania and it’s called Dragobete’s Day. It’s celebrated today, February 24th. Legend says that Dragobete was the very kind and loving son of a woman called Dochia. This old woman was in charge of the passage of winter towards spring. Some sources state that due to his special kindness,

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Birds of passage #poem

Staves stung by voiceless birds on their flight far from this fall, too dry, too soon, a boon to the soil, trails on a too-blue sunset scratching the sea of my sky- instantly healed by the memory of ‘Jesus loves you’ written in white on the clear blue sky over Orlando in a far distant

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The winter of my spring #poem

‘How dare you disturb my peace, my splendid silent shining white splashing your insolent, disruptive colors?’ Outraged, The Winter shouted to The Spring. ‘Immediately will blow you out and never dare show a sting of your disgusting green!’ The Blizzard, her companion, his trumpet sounded right away. The snowflakes armies poured their icy arrows on

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