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A first

Peeling the first dark purple layer (so thin and ready to become the wind) dispersing clouds, (apparently! do not get tricked) knowing that it hides the tears deep inside (transcending grief and sorrows and stories of this kind) until the sweet revealing core of truth is reached. Patiently peeling the unknown slides of time (while

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aRound #poem – published on Free Verse Revolution

Rasping blades, the cruel savage wields without a word in a world of fearless anger. Birds still sing and fly and nest. Thank you, Free Verse Revolution! You can read the poem here: Featured image from Pixabay

Inside the bracket #poem

A silence reigns inside the bracket in my heart- (A hollow brimmed with diamond shades) a pause between the hammering old valves (weighing the scars that hope kept open) comparing times of past in painting future loves, (silence reverberates in chords untouched)   a quietness that reigns the meanings of a life. (inside the bracket

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From Free Verse Revolution – The last of your wishes#poem

Thank you Free Verse Revolution for publishing my poem The last of your wishes today! You can read it here: An unexpected joy for me today, the day when my dear aunt was born so many years ago, and I was thinking of her so many times during the day, sending out there, into

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