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A little present for Mihai Cotea


In this part of the world today, the 8th of November, we celebrate people who bear the names of the two archangels, Michael and Gabriel. The name-day celebration it’s a common tradition here. Archangel Michael, the one that fights and wins against the evil, that brings the light of truth, the divine justice with his sword of light is connected with Archangel Gabriel, the delicate messenger of God which is portrayed holding a white lily in his hand and who invites to acceptance, humbleness and peace. A very balanced day, we might think, the day when war and peace are One.

Thinking of presents for my friends named Mihai or Mihail, Mihaela, Gabriel and Gabriela, I realized I could afford some, at least for two or three of them.

Mihai Cotea, a young and published Romanian novelist (three books up till now, another one on its way) is, in my opinion, a very good poet. His fourth published book contains poetry and very short prose and I very much enjoyed reading it. I even wrote about it, which is an extremely rare thing I do.

To you, Mihai, I will offer this  gift: a translation of one of your poems.

( I chose this one only because it’s shorter and much easier to translate into English. And because this is exactly where the book opened 😉 🙂 )

Mihai Cotea placed the titles of his poems at the end – the last line becoming the concluding thought, hence the poem’s title. Also, the capital letters are used with much care and are intended to highlight ideas or feelings the poet needed to underline.

I tried to keep your kind of flow, Mihai. I hope you’ll enjoy this little present. Happy name-day! 🙂

how would it be

to float on a river

to let my memory sink into its waters

how would it be

to flow down to the valley

carrying my love

my river

to embrace all stones of life


to dive deep

into an ocean of thirstiness

in vain

to be again


The Great All

how would it be

this hypothesis about us

Cover of Mihai Cotea’s poems and short-stories book. (2019)

Featured picture: “The river” by Mihaela Tolan, July 2019 – Another friend to whom I wish a Super Name-Day! 🙂

9 comments on “A little present for Mihai Cotea”

  1. God, what a beautiful gift! Thank you so much, Daniela. I’m overwhelmed and I feel very blessed right now. This is one of my dearest poems, very close to my soul and I have no doubt that the book opened at this poem with a purpose. This lovely happening. Thank you very much, again, Daniela! I rarely receive such warmness from somebody, and its precious. I’m moved. Mulțumesc sufletesc! Namaste!

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  2. Reblogged this on MiCo and commented:
    Am primit un cadou deosebit azi, de sfinții arhangheli Mihail și Gavril. Scriitoarea și editorul Daniela Marin mi-a făcut bucuria de a traduce un poem tare drag mie, „Ipoteză despre noi”, în engleză. Un sincer și mare Mulțumesc, Daniela! Sînt mișcat de gestul tău fain și cald. Uitați ce fain a ieșit:

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  3. La mulți ani și din partea mea pentru Mihai! Știu că au trecut deja două zile de la sărbătoare, dar eu sunt un obișnuit al întârzierilor, rudele mele toate știu asta 🙂 fiindcă mă deplasez cu mocănița în spațiul social, neatent mereu dar sentimental totuși și profund contemplativ. Mă și imaginez cândva pe patul de moarte, negociind cu purtătoaea de coasă și cerându-i time out, pentru a mai rezolva câte ceva rămas în urmă…

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    1. Mulțumesc frumos, Condei. Niciodată nu-i târziu, mai ales la urări de bine. Te înțeleg la faza cu mișcarea de mocăniță, în tot hățișul ăsta, tot mai des, al rețelelor sociale, mă împotmolesc tot mai mult și eu. Hihi, ce tare e figura cu doamna cu coasa. Eu i-aș cere să-mi cuantifice tot timpul petrecut aiurea pe Internet și să mi-l materializeze în zile. Atunci că vezi viață faină! 🙂 Duminică faină să ai!


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