A little present for Gabriela M.

As I was saying in my previous post, today we celebrate the people named after archangels Michael and Gabriel. So, Gabriela M, I wish you a happy name-day! 🙂 Either you celebrate it or not. :))) My little gift for you on this occasion is this translation of your poem the breath of life and […]

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A little present for Mihai Cotea

Mihaela Tolan

In this part of the world today, the 8th of November, we celebrate people who bear the names of the two archangels, Michael and Gabriel. The name-day celebration it’s a common tradition here. Archangel Michael, the one that fights and wins against the evil, that brings the light of truth, the divine justice with his […]

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Nichita Stãnescu – poet #poetry

Sentimental story Then we met more often. I stood at one side of the hour, you at the other, like two handles of an amphora. Only the words flew between us, back and forth. You could almost see their swirling, and suddenly, I would lower a knee, and touch my elbow to the ground to […]

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