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It’s not just sad to see the great American people divided into two halves. No president will make the people great again, because the truth lies deep beyond the power of demagogy. Not any such speech becomes reality unless is made reality by the people, not by one person or one party. How naïve can we afford to be, still? And for how long? Don’t worry, in the next few years we will see the humanoid AI taking care of us. And then… we won’t have to worry anymore.

Stories from the Black Sea

Of course I wish I could have stayed more days. These were the most needed days in a long time. And no, it has nothing to do with the new virus. If it exists, it has a meaning, a purpose. Maybe there was a meaning behind the number 2 I had to bear with surprise.

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Today is for Nichita – The poet

Poetry Poetry is the eye that weeps it is the shoulder that weeps. It is the hand that weeps the eye of the hand that weeps It is the weeping sole the eye of the weeping heel. O, you friends, poetry is not tears It is the act of weeping – weeping from eyes not

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Quanta Qualia by Patrick Hawes with Hayley Westenra (soprano)

The words express a heartfelt longing for the joys of heaven – a happiness to be shared in a future moment of meeting.  The ecstasy of this moment is certainly underlined by the soprano solo, with the repetition of key words ‘mane’, ‘gaudia’ and ‘conventus’ deepening the intensity of the yearning for bliss. In philosophy and

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