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thoughtless #poem#video

It’s not about controlling the thoughts that appear in our mind. It’s about watching them and their effects on our mood. Becoming attached to anything is a choice, a conscious one. But, we so rarely are truly conscious of what is happening in and not to our body. Every word has its own frequency. Its

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It’s not just sad to see the great American people divided into two halves. No president will make the people great again, because the truth lies deep beyond the power of demagogy. Not any such speech becomes reality unless is made reality by the people, not by one person or one party. How naïve can we afford to be, still? And for how long? Don’t worry, in the next few years we will see the humanoid AI taking care of us. And then… we won’t have to worry anymore.

31 August: Stângul de a visa

Săptămâna ce-a trecut am lucrat în fiecare zi pentru ziua de azi. Am făcut clipuri pe care le-am trimis în eter. (Le găsiţi, dacă doriţi să le vedeţi în pagina fb sau în instagramul editurii.) Cel puţin câte unul în fiecare zi, păstrând pentru miezul nopţii dintre 30 şi 31 august cadoul cel mai drag.