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Satire I – Eminescu – English version by Corneliu M.Popescu

I was 13 when I first read this poem. Of course, it wasn’t the one I was supposed to read as homework. We were studying Eminescu’s poetry for some years, each year one or two poems, usually the ones that were either about nature or considered “patriotic” by the communist regime at that time. But

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Mihai Eminescu – universal poet

Gloss Days go past and days come still, All is old and all is new, What is well and what is ill, You imagine and construe; Do not hope and do not fear, Waves that leap like waves must fall; Should they praise or should they jeer, Look but coldly on it all. Things you’ll

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Eminescu – national poet

Born on January 15, 1850, Mihai Eminescu was not only a poet, but novelist and journalist and, in my view, a philosopher as well. Regarded as the most famous Romanian poet and the first modern poet in Romanian literature, Eminescu lived his short life (he died in 1889) with great passion, always searching for the

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